Worldview Wednesday: “My Life” Listening Sessions

img-8516-p_origWhat?  One-hour listening sessions in which people share aspects of their personal pilgrimages as shaped by different cultural and religious traditions.  Aimed at helping the listeners develop “appreciative knowledge” not only of different cultural and religious traditions, but of the ways they mean something to the people who are shaped by them.

When? 4-5 pm on Wednesdays

Where?  Religion and Philosophy Commons, Hendrix College

  • January 31: My life in Buddhism (Doug Holmes and Mike Mueller, Hendrix graduates active in the Ecumenical Buddhist Society, LR)
  • February 7:  My life in Hinduism (Jeffrey Long, Elizabethtown College, Hindu scholar and practicing Hindu, by Skype)
  • February 14: My Life Growing up in Chinese Culture (Guo-ou Zhuang, Associate Professor Chinese Culture, Director of Confucius Institute, UCA)
  • March 7: My life in Atheism (Gwen Stockwell, International Programs, Hendrix College)
  • March 14: Our Lives in Judaism (Tracie and Phillip Spivey, Community Outreach and     Philosophy, UCA)
  • March 28: My Life in Christianity (Peg Falls Corbitt, Professor of Philosophy, Hendrix College)
  • April 4: My Life in Islam (Sophia Said, Interfaith Ministries, LR)
  • April 11: My Life in Unitarian Universalism (Rev. Jan Nielson, Unitarian Universalist minister, LR)