Free Speech, Hate Speech: A Conversation


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All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Russellville (along with the Greater Arkansas Interfaith Network) hosts a panel discussion on free speech and hate speech in which we will explore the following questions: What limits (if any) are there to free speech? What responsibilities come with free speech? How does hate speech affect our public conversation and life together? How does it influence the lives of our young people, especially in the form of bullying? What are the philosophical and theological underpinnings of responsible speech?

We will have a panel discussion, each panelist speaking for 5-6 minutes followed by questions from the audience.

The discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Sean Huss, Professor of Sociology at ATU.

Our panel includes:

John Van Kleef, J.D. Attorney at Law, Legal Parameters of Free Speech and Hate Speech

Dr. Chris Housenick, Dept. Of Political Science at ATU, The First Amendment and Hate Speech (historical and current context)

Dr. Jay McDaniel, Dept. Of Religion at Hendrix College. The philosophical and Theological Underpinnings of Responsible Speech.

Rashad Woods, Dardanelle City Councilman, Hate Speech and Our Common Life

Edi Wood, Teacher at Russellville Jr. High School, Hate Speech and our Youth.

Childcare provided.