What Is Buddhism, Anyway? An Overview of Its Ideas and Traditions

When: Saturday, June 8th from 9 am until noon

Where: Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock, 1516 West 3rd St. Little Rock Arkansas

An introductory overview of Buddhism offered by our sister organization, The Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock. Using Huston Smith’s Buddhism: A Concise Introduction as a springboard, this workshop is offered for the curious, for newcomers to Buddhism, and for old hands who might enjoy a refresher.  The workshop will be led by Dr. Jay McDaniel, emeritus professor of world religions, Hendrix College. Topics include:

  • Four Noble Truths
  • Dependent Arising
  • No-Self
  • Eightfold Path
  • Nirvana
  • Three lineages of Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana (Tibetan) traditions, including Zen and Vipassana, as practiced in America.

While there is no cost to attend, donations are gratefully accepted. Advance registration helps secure your space. Click here to register.

About the Teacher:

12661785_1182911638387392_7947155420080470443_nJay McDaniel, PhD, is an interfaith leader in central Arkansas.  He taught the world’s religions at Hendrix College from 1979 to 2019, including semester-long courses in Buddhism.  The workshop he offers will draw upon his experience teaching Buddhism to college undergraduates.

Known for his work in an area called “process philosophy,” he works closely with people in different parts of the world on developing ways of thinking and living in the world which are just, sustainable, and joyful. Jay identifies himself a Christian influenced by Buddhism and is active in interfaith circles in central Arkansas under the auspices of the Greater Arkansas Interfaith Network.

While Zen Buddhism shapes Jay’s personal understanding of Buddhism, he is equally interested in, and knowledgeable of the many forms of Buddhism that can help enrich people’s lives and the broader world.