Worldview Wednesdays: Explorations of Various Worldviews


Alfred North Whitehead

One-hour explorations – from 4 to 5 pm – of worldviews conducive to living with respect and care for the community of life, with appreciation of diversity and inclusion:

  • September 13: Dr. Jay McDaniel (Hendrix), Process Theology
  • September 20: Dr. John Sanders (Hendrix), Conceptual Metaphor Theory
  • September 27: Dr. Bill Gorvine, A Buddhist Perspective
  • October 4: Dr. Donna Bowman (UCA), Process Theology
  • October 11: Dr. James Dow (Hendrix), Environmental Aesthetics
  • October 18: Dr. Clayton Crockett (UCA), Continental Philosophy
  • October 25: Dr. Nick Brasovan (UCA), East Asian Philosophy