Worldview Wednesdays: “My Life” Listening Sessions

When? 4-5 pm on Wednesdays

Where?  Religion and Philosophy Commons, Hendrix College

  • January 31: My life in Buddhism (Doug Holmes and Mike Mueller, Hendrix graduates active in the Ecumenical Buddhist Society, LR)
  • February 7:  My life in Hinduism (Jeffrey Long, Elizabethtown College, Hindu scholar and practicing Hindu, by Skype)
  • February 14: My Life Growing up in Chinese Culture (Guo-ou Zhuang, Associate Professor Chinese Culture, Director of Confucius Institute, UCA)
  • March 7: My life in Atheism (Gwen Stockwell, International Programs, Hendrix College)
  • March 14: Our Lives in Judaism (Tracie and Phillip Spivey, Community Outreach and     Philosophy, UCA)
  • March 28: My Life in Christianity (Peg Falls Corbitt, Professor of Philosophy, Hendrix College)
  • April 4: My Life in Islam (Nader Abou-diab, LR)
  • April 11: My Life in Unitarian Universalism (Rev. Jan Nielson, Unitarian Universalist minister, LR)

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