Introduction to Liberation Theology

Stephanie Gray and the Faulkner County Coalition for Social Justice led a book study on the book: Liberation Theology for Armchair Theologians.

This book is a great introduction to the history and practice of liberation theology. The focus of liberation theology is using the life experiences of the poor and marginalized to transform our study of scripture and church doctrine to more adequately address social ills and promote justice. The study mainly focuses on Christian liberation theology,  but towards the latter part of the study expands to liberation as a theme in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

The group met at The Morgan House (1926 Prince Street) on every other Wednesday starting on August 30.

August 30: Chapter 1- Resistance!
September 13: Chapter 2- Opening the Windows
September 27: Chapter 3- Liberation Theologies: What Are They?
October 11: Chapter 4- Early Proponents
October 25: Chapter 5- Liberation in El Norte
November 8: Chapter 6- The Faiths of People
November 29: Chapter 7- Moving beyond Liberation Theology

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